How does a legend come to life? Something magical happens for the first time, then it’s told to everyone, and finally, passed down from mother to daughter. 

Tomato sauce is the queen of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. It has origins that fade into the centuries and among many countries of the world. No one knows precisely where it all began or when, but we know for certain that, at some point, under the warm sun of southern Italy, the tomato finally found its home. 

And there, it planted deep roots.

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Some of these roots extend to Gianna’s garden, a woman from the South with a determined character and an open smile. An exquisite cook who inherited from her mother Rita the recipe for the most delicious tomato sauce you ever tasted. Gianna taught to her daughter Maya to spread it everywhere, alongside her. 

During a day, Gianna will unveil every single step of the ancient process that gives life to her sauce, involving you in that process from the very first moment. Early in the morning, you’ll enter the garden with Maya to pick the ripest, juiciest tomatoes, carefully selected one by one. You’ll immerse them in a large ceramic basin and sink your hands into the cool water to gently squeeze them until it takes on a pale pink hue. That’s the moment to step into the house.

Amidst the stone walls of the oldest dwelling in all of Ostuni’s territory, surrounded by the scents of fresh wild herbs gathered from the garden, and the finely sliced onions, the tomatoes will simmer slowly, transforming into sauce according to Gianna’s expert recipe and gestures.

A secret as ancient as this isn’t revealed; it’s experienced firsthand “spernicolando” and “sprucendo.” Two peculiar verbs, hailing from the Apulian past, that will wittingly engage your senses in the enchantment of an art that transcends time’s passage.

This experience will change your approach to tomatoes forever! Gianna is fun, knowledgeable and so welcoming.

- Alison, Travel Designer

Nothing is a secret, but...

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Nothing is a secret, but...

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