There are times when life is about dating.
This experience begins with an appointment that takes place in a historic café in the ancient city of Conversano, whose name is precisely Incontro. The scent of coffee and freshly baked croissants welcomes you to the breakfast table, where Marina and Domenico await you, your companions in this experience out of space and time.
You will discover in their eyes and in their stories unmistakable signs of their passionate love for all objects that belong to the past.

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They will tell you about their passion for all things past and why they are so into it. Their stories about how they spend their time looking for new emotions in ancient places.

After showing you the details of the route you will take together, they will introduce you to the vintage bicycles you will ride. The second important meeting took place: the one between you and your particular “horse”.

A slow pressure on the pedals and your personal story inside the hidden secrets of Puglia begins to be written: from the pavement of Conversano to the country paths, the landscape changes slowly, following the rhythm of the wheels that turn without haste.

Centuries-old olive trees and almond trees in bloom will accompany your journey through colors and scents, until you meet (again!) unexpected surprises: small secret churches along the way, where Marina and Domenico will stop to share a good regenerating coffee with you.

Pedal along the narrow Apulian roads, surrounded by centuries-old olive trees in search of hidden ancient ruins and breathtaking views.

Back on the saddle, a few more pedals and you will reach their Masseria to have the last encounter of the day: that with History. The seventeenth-century walls of the Masseria surround the large and sunny inner garden, where Marina will prepare a light lunch for everyone, accompanied by good wine.

In the shade of the fruit trees, embraced by a vintage atmosphere between the garden and the house, it will be enchanting to get lost in sweet conversations about Domenico’s many passions for everything vintage and share the emotion of a day spent on two wheels.

When it’s time to leave, you’ll feel your heart, your mind and even your legs incredibly ready to go again.

“This is not a simple trip, this is life in slow motion where your senses will be awaken and your curiosity will be satisfied beyond your imagination.”
- Federica, Travel Designer

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