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Yvonne Verstandig

"I had the pleasure of meeting Antonello from Southern Visions at the Pure Trade Show back in 2012.  Antonello, born and bred in Puglia, embodies the essence of a true Puglian, and his passion for the region is evident in the unparalleled experiences he, together with his team, curates for our clients. Antonello together with Alison and the team at Southern Visions team are not only professional and efficient but also lovely to deal with, consistently providing the utmost service. Their passion for Puglia is evident in the authentic and unforgettable experiences they craft for our discerning clients. We highly recommend Southern Visions to fellow advisors who are seeking a reliable partner for Puglia and we look forward to continuing our successful collaboration."

Limor Decter

"Southern Visions and their team capture the spirit and soul of Puglia offering authentic and local experiences that are meaningful and impactful. Their expert guides are proud to showcase the region and its astounding beauty.  Southern Visions holds the key to the Puglia kingdom!!
Southern Visions is an advisors dream come true with finest hospitality and service.  They handle all aspects of a Puglia trip from A to Z seamlessly. Their expert team on the ground ensures a most memorable visit to Puglia.  Their deep connections to the people and places make Southern Vision a favorite  preferred partner in the region."

Caroline Wallace

"Our clients have appreciated the personalized attention and good care provided by Southern Visions while in Puglia.  Having knowledgeable, local experts just a call away if needed was reassuring to them - and to us.
Southern Visions is THE onsite for Puglia.  There's no provider better equipped to create authentic experiences for clients.  They have the best local guides and insider connections."

Cindy Ducasse

"I accompanied my clients on a bike trip curated and fully executed by Southern Visions.  It was exceptional from planning to the finish line.  Every client said it was the best trip that they had been on.
Southern Visions is a true regional DMC specializing in Pulia and boy are they passionate.  They are completely immersed in this area and are consummate professionals.  SV provides all their own services and has complete control.  Service is always honest and attentive."

Justin Lindblad

"Southern Visions has always been our go to for travel in and around Puglia, they have amazing guides, and fantastic access to truly unforgettable experiences. Everyone you speak to from the company can help design the quintessential trip whether it be a couple, family or group. I would never go anywhere else. We have had multiple clients return to Puglia and there is always a wonderful new way to shape their adventure. 
I would recommend Southern Visions for the reasons above but also they are transparent, always willing to go above and beyond both while planning the trip as well as when clients are in the ground. The flexibility to adjust to weather, clients interests and wants while traveling is extremely important. Lastly they respond quickly and clearly so there is less wasted time. Again we would not work with anyone else other than their wonderful team."

Samantha McClure

"We love working with Ali and the team at Southern Visions, as they all live and breathe Puglia. It is like sending clients to stay with friends who will show them their favorite villages, markets, restaurants, vineyards, farms & beaches and give them a local's perspective on this unique corner of Italy"

Gary Portuesi

"Authentic Explorations (and formerly, Authentic Italy) has been working with Southern Visions as our exclusive partner in Puglia since 2016. We have enjoyed a tremendous amount of success in offering the best that Puglia has to offer by the best ground operator in the region. Southern Visions’ expertise, high service levels, creativity, and unique access to extraordinary things to see and do in the region are the reason why we began working with them but our relationship has evolved into one of true partnership. The team’s communication is exemplary as this is the most important attribute for Authentic Explorations in anything we do—communicating well and being responsive (and responsible) for each client, each itinerary, and each opportunity that may or may not result in actual business. Southern Visions remains an indispensable partner for Authentic Explorations as we continue expanding our business in other parts of the world—we expect all our partners around the world to have the same “full package” of partnership attributes as they do. They have set a high standard in the industry and we are so fortunate to have them as one of our most important partners."

Camille Cutrone Holubar

"If perfection is what you want for a DMC in Puglia look no further then Southern Visions. Let them curate a magical experience for clients that will include hidden gems tucked within the heart of Puglia or the seaside villages along the coast. Southern Visions is hands on with every detail. As a travel professional I feel a sense of peace and excellence when I use Antonello Losito and his staff."

Claudia Reynolds Harris

“I’ve worked with SV on two important occasions, both times with discerning small groups of high-end travelers. The circumstances were starkly different. In the first case right after the Pandemic, there was a long lead time and heavy involvement by my agency at every step. We asked detailed questions, requested many program changes, and I personally led the 12-day trip to be sure that every detail was handled to perfection. In the second case, the client request (12 guests for an important week-long birthday celebration) was last minute in the near chaos of busy fall 2023. Elisa of SV pulled this one off without a hitch: she located rooms at the perfect accommodations for these particular clients, created a beautiful set of experiences, listened graciously to their many questions and concerns, and personally oversaw their week in Puglia. This time, I knew that I could leave SV to do the job without my involvement after the initial introduction. 
The staff are polite, professional, creative yet attentive to detail, and flexible. They listen attentively to client needs, give realistic expectations regarding their deliverables, and are the top in Puglia for personal connections and “eyes and ears on the ground”. The team rallies around an outstanding leader in Antonello, who has personally taken time to help me fall in love with his homeland, Puglia. Not the least expensive, but absolutely the best in this part of Italy!”

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