Our mission is to travel with integrity; to have a positive impact and deep understanding of the areas of Italy that we promote and visit; to ensure the long-term health, positive effect and economy of the local people, and at times fragile nature of Southern Italy.
This is the foundation of our company's ethos & principles - to make our programs educational, sustainable and joyful for all actors involved.
We believe that our philosophy is more important than ever and we will continue to make every effort to minimize any negative impact deriving from our company operations.

Zero Carbon

“Southern Visions Travel” has developed a carbon action plan that is committed to measuring our carbon footprint and reducing our emissions. Our carbon footprint is being measured and will soon be entirely offset through the launch of a 2 hectare “Southern Visions Travel” Olive Grove where individual young olive plants will be planted after an accurate measurement at the end of each travel program delivered. The garden will be available for individual visits from our own clients and the olive oil produced from our trees will be bottled, to become an entirely sustainable gift on every trip.

Equality & Local Economy

At “Southern Visions Travel” our work environment promotes gender equality and the prosperity of the local economy. We strive to hire local guides and nurture professional relationships and collaborations with family-owned businesses wherever possible.

Sustainable water

Preserving local water resources and water efficiency is a priority for us. In most of our cycling/walking adventures and in most of our transfers in our vans (or partner vehicles) we have introduced aluminum cans or individual water-bottles in the effort to reduce the use of single-use plastic water bottles.

Local & Sustainable Food

We promote sustainable, local farming and prefer a kilometer-zero approach to the cuisine of the region. We partner with local restaurants, chefs and “mamas/nonnas” committed to the Slow Food movement, and are constantly focused on increasing farm-to-table food experiences that focus on organic and seasonal ingredients.

Meaningful Transportation

At “Southern Visions Travel” we encourage kayaking, walking, cycling and low-carbon transportation whenever possible. We are committed to minimizing our carbon footprint by designing programs that promote longer, more immersive experiences while decreasing the overall transportation time on our trips.

Material, Products & Waste

We utilize sustainable materials wherever possible and promote products that help reduce overall consumption. Our absolute priority is to champion environmentally friendly products/materials by reducing waste and the purchase of materials that would generate or promote unnecessary waste. We do this also by implementing best practices with our partners & vendors locally. Reusing, recycling and reducing consumption to minimize waste and pollution. Reducing food waste is a priority of our entire operational process.

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